Tropical Reef Aquarium 2-DVD

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Sensory Stimulation for Alzheimer's

Providing appropriate sensory stimulation for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have shown to improve sleep, evoke emotions, and promote relaxation. 

A good nature DVD experience can leave clients in a better mood, and more engaged with staff.

Golden Carers introduces ‘Tropical Reef Aquarium Box' – a true coral reef experience!

Be amazed at this double DVD of tropical wonders with almost 4 hours of entertainment! The vibrant scenery comes with the choice of gentle music or ocean sounds, or a mix of both.

About the Double DVD Set

Filmed at one of the best aquariums in the world, Tropical Reef Aquarium has 4 colourful, coral reef aquarium scenes and a relaxing film of slowly-changing images to turn your TV into a bright, tropical aquarium and carry you through an amazing underwater world.

Watch as the fish, in all the colours of the rainbow, swim around in this wonderful aquarium.  Enjoy the shrimps moving gracefully around the rocks in search of food.  And marvel at the fantastic shapes of the coral that offer these terrific creatures such a beautiful home.

The Tropical Reef Aquarium DVD has a choice of audio tracks including music, sea sounds or a mix of both.  All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically for a continuous aquarium on your television screen and were filmed with HD cameras for the best possible quality.

Filmed in a 6 metre-long tank with a capacity of 5600 liters and a circulation of 30000 liters per hour, this beautiful aquarium has over 200 colourful fish including many unusual types and has 120 species of marine life including shrimps and snails. 180 pieces of coral both hard, reef-building coral and soft coral make this one of the most realistic aquariums you'll ever see. 

Video Preview

Tropical Reef XXL DVD 2 Hours one of The best Colourfull Multi Award Winning Aquariums in Europe from Relaxing Nature HD Videos on Vimeo.

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