Coloring for Seniors

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  • Original artwork
  • Designed specifically for adults
  • 30 pages of landscapes, scenery and themes
  • Themed scenery suitable for reminiscing
  • A4 size, printed on thick quality paper

Colouring-in for the Elderly

Coloring-in has long been considered a therapeutic activity suitable to the young and old. Colouring-in evokes feelings of peace, enjoyment and satisfaction that are hard to beat. Revisiting this much loved childhood pastime is well worth the effort.

Some people believe that coloring-in is only for children but ‘adult coloring’ as a hobby is gaining momentum. These days, coloring books and pencils are being given to elders to maintain motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Research into the effects of coloring activities for people suffering from dementia show positive outcomes, most notably a decrease in agitation and anxiety.

The therapeutic value of colouring comes in part from a participant’s need to concentrate and in doing so they may ‘forget’ their troubles whilst in the midst of a colouring activity; relaxation and meditative moods often follow.


  • Size: A4 Paper with binder, roughly 21.5 cm x 29.7 cm x 1 cm
  • Paper Quality: 160 GSM, quality thick paper
  • Binding: Spiral Comb Bind as per image

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